Are you coming to São Paulo soon?
Are you in need of an ISP?

Well, we might be able to help you. Pick up a chair and make yourself at home! Let's chat!

We're a small ISP located in São Paulo. We aim at delivering high-quality customer services and technical support to match and surpass your personal needs!

We have four dial-up plans to offer:

Plan A: R$24,00 a month for 12 units
(R$2,00 for each additional unit)
Plan B: R$35,00 a month for 20 units
(R$1,75 for each additional unit)
Plan C: R$48,00 a month for 32 units
(R$1,50 for each additional unit)
Plan D: R$72,00 a month for 60 units
(R$1,20 for each additional unit)
R$1,00 approximately US$0.85

1 unit = 1-2 hours depending on the time of day you get connected:

Times of day

There is no sign up fee!

All plans include full Internet access via modem (33.6K. Sorry, no ISDN in Brazil), two POP3 e-mail addresses per mailbox, chat, newsgroups, file transfer and 500Kb web space (up to 5Mb data transfer/month free of charge.) Subscriptions are paid monthly by standing orders or VISA. Payments are due in advance of using the service.

To subscribe:

  1. fill in the form.
  2. configure your software:

    POP server: pop.that.com.br
    SMTP server: smtp.that.com.br
    News server: news.that.com.br
    Serial communication protocol: PPP (with or without PAP)
    IP address: (dynamically assigned)
    Domain sufix: that.com.br
    Gateway: unnecessary
    FTP proxy: proxy.that.com.br .......... port 800
    Gopher proxy: proxy.that.com.br .......... port 800
    HTTP proxy: proxy.that.com.br .......... port 800
    No proxy on/for: noproxy.that.com.br
    Data phone: 870-5577

  3. as soon as you get to São Paulo, telephone us to receive a password.

We'll be glad to have you with us!


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To get in contact with us:

call: 55 11 211 1129
fax: 55 11 867 9696
e-mail: webmaster@that.com.br
If you need any further information, talk to us!

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